Winter Sports Insurance Recommendation

winter sports recommendation

We have been asked numerous times who our recommendation would be for Winter Sports Insurance. It’s a difficult question to answer, because, each persons ski trip is going to be different, in terms of length of stay, destination, age, medical condition, not to mention which winter sports activities you would be taking part in.

This makes a specific recommendation close to impossible. All we can say is our current annual travel insurance is with Alpha Travel Insurance. Unlike many annual winter sport policies, it allows us to take an unlimited number of trips throughout the year, with no limit of the number of days skiing, as long as the overall trip is not longer than 31 days. When most other companies only allow up to 17 days, this makes a huge difference, especially if you are a ski nut like us!!

Snowboarding, Skiing, Big Foot Skiing, Cross country and Ski Dooing are automatically covered.

The policy provides cover for piste skiing, including skiing on areas in and around the resort that are off the actual marked and groomed pistes, such as skiing on a hillside between marked pistes, or skiing in-between groomed trails and runs, where ski lifts and emergency services are easily accessible and ending back at a ski area lift.

All other areas are considered as ‘off piste’ and are only covered if you are skiing with a guide. Alpha will not cover ‘off piste’ skiing without a guide or skiing in back country or areas marked or prohibited from entry. Which is pretty fair. I don’t think there are many winter sports fanatics who want to venture outside the ski resort boundaries without a knowledgeable ski guide.

If you are a bit more adventurous than the average holidaymaker, its possible to cover activities like Glacier or Heli Skiing, or using a snowcat, provided you notify Alpha and pay the relevant additional premium.

We chose a policy with a zero excess, although if you aren’t worried about such things, you can save even more money by opting for an excess up to £250. Its a great way to balance excess and premium.


In addition to the normal sections covered under a travel insurance policy, medical expenses, cancellation, luggage etc, the policy includes cover for loss of use of your pre-paid ski pack, the hire or, loss or damage to, your skiing equipment, loss or theft of your ski equipment, loss or theft of your lift pass and compensation if there is an avalanche or not enough snow and you are unable to ski.

The premiums are also extremely competitive, costing from as little as £20 per year for an annual policy. You can also save 15% by buying online.

We have (fortunately for us) never had to claim from the policy, so we can’t vouch for the claims service. As the experts will confirm, you only find out how good an insurance policy is, when you have to make a claim!!

How did we find Alpha Travel Insurance? We came across a very useful comparison site called ThatsInsurance. Unlike many comparison sites, they have reviewed and rated ever online travel policy. You can’t purchase from them direct, which makes their reviews even more trustworthy. You can read what they have to say about each Travel Insurer, compare cover prices and then go to that companies website to buy. You can read the their review about Alpha Travel Insurance here.