Choosing the right ski equipment

choosing skis

A Guide to Choosing the Right Skis

Choosing the correct skis
Skiing is a fun and healthy hobby that has captivated the hearts of millions of people. However, deciding to buy your first pair of skis can be as confusing as your first time going down the mountain!

Although there may seem to be thousands of skis available, they all fit into one of several general types – beginner’s skis, all mountain skis, freeride skis, freestyle skis, racing skis, and powder skis. We shed some light on the mysteries of correct ski selection.
How to choose Skis for Beginners

Beginner’s Skis are made with the same care that goes into the other classes of skis, but are specially designed to be shorter and lighter, making them easier to manoeuvre for beginners. Most Beginners’ Skis have very soft flex, allowing for easier turns and more forgiveness to the mistakes that beginners often make. One of the best tips to follow when shopping for Beginner’s Skis is to look for a model that is roughly chin-height.
All Mountain Skis

The next step after beginner’s skis is to move up to a pair of All Mountains. Designed for many different types of terrain, including ice, light powder, and groomed runs, All Mountain Skis are a top choice amongst any skier who enjoys different terrain runs.
Freeride Skis

Freeride Skis are the big brother to All Mountains, both wider and heavier, allowing them to cut through powder and groomed runs. Freeride Skis are perfect for the avid skier who likes to do a little bit of adventuring with his runs.
Freestyle Skis

Anyone who has watched TV over the past ten years has been witness to the huge explosion of extreme sports into mainstream culture. It’s thanks to this interest in action sports that Freestyle Skis were born. Lighter, shorter and twin-tipped, these skis are designed for stunts ranging from riding backwards, to grinding rails.
Racing Skis

The fastest skis of them all, Racing Skis are designed with one thing in mind; speed. It’s because of their design that not only are Racing Skis the fastest on the mountain, they’re also the most difficult to ride, and should only be used by advanced skiers who are comfortable with flying down the mountain’s race course.
Powder Skis

The largest and heaviest of all skis, Powder Skis are used by expert skiers to drift over even the thickest powder runs, much like a water skier floats over the water. Because of their large size, these skis are practically useless on groomed runs, making them exclusively used by skiers looking to ride powder.

If you want to try out your new skis before the ski season, we recommend visiting an indoor snow sports venue such as Chill FactorE (Manchester, UK); home to the UK’s longest indoor ski slope.