Best Ski Resort for Singles

Best French Ski Resorts for Singles

Skiing is a great sport for singles looking to meet someone. Many travelers all over the world have found romance through some of France’s best ski resorts. However, some people are specifically looking for a date or one night stand. If that’s your priority, then there are two great ski resorts worth checking out.
St Martin-de-Belleville

This resort has been ranked as the best ski resort in France for a rendezvous. The resort is located in the middle of the Trois Vallees, which is renowned as one of the world’s most popular destinations for skiers. Although it is a premier destination for skiers around the world, it still holds onto the character of France’s renaissance. You can appreciate the ambience of traditional French architecture. Some of architecture is nearly 400 years old and hasn’t lost any of its majesty.

This is an exquisite resort to visit for singles and couples of all ages. Many people throughout the world love to take breaks from the slopes and visit some of the beautiful chapels and other structures throughout the city. Many single skiers said they had an unexpectedly romantic adventure on their trip.

The Meribel ski resort is another great resort to visit for people who want more than just a quality experience on the slopes. Many singles will happily visit the Meribel as well. They tend to be people who like to party and want a wilder experience than travelers to most other singles ski resorts.

Meribel is also located in the Trois Vallees. The prices are a bit steep, so it tends to cater to affluent singles who are looking for fun times. However, if you have the resources it can be a great place to visit. The website single parents on holiday has more information on the best ski resorts for singles.

One of the mottos many people associate with the Meribel is “Eat, Drink, Party.” There are many great bars and other venues throughout the area that people enjoy visiting. There are also a number of great nightclubs in the surrounding area. These venues all offer a number of regular events throughout the year. A couple of the biggest spectacles were discontinued or relocated to neighboring countries due to budget cuts. However, travelers still find plenty of things to do to keep busy and have a great time when they visit the Meribel.

If you are trying to meet another single on your trip, it is best to know which ski resorts offer the best opportunities. The Meribel and St. Martin de Belleville both cater to a different crowd, however they are both great destinations for people who are interested in adding a little romance to their ski trip. You probably won’t be disappointed with your experience on the slopes either.